Beeswax Kiss

Beeswax Kiss is a recording project that blends the sound of the didgeridoo, an ancient wind instrument of the Australian Aborigines, with modern ambient and dance sounds. So far, one audio CD-R is available; you can hear mp3 audio clips here. A second album is currently being recorded. If you'd like to purchase the CD-R, please click here for further details. The map of world domination keeps a running check on the status of sales around the world.

You can learn more about the didgeridoo here. Check out our music shop for a list of recommended recordings that feature the didgeridoo, and our book shop for recommended reading. The links page has details of online resources for didgeridoo players, including instrument makers and instructional information.



Beeswax Kiss is the brainchild of Guy J. Brown, a musician based in Sheffield, United Kingdom. His music has been used in a number of films and has been licensed for use in multimedia presentations. If you'd like to enquire about commerical use of the music, please drop us a line by email.

Finally, why "Beeswax Kiss"? Traditionally, beeswax is used to make a mouthpiece for the didgeridoo - we're sure you can guess the rest.


Please send feedback and bug reports to All original graphics and audio clips are copyright Guy J. Brown 2002. All rights reserved.